Learn from anywhere in the world with the Leading Educator and Authority in Equine Therapy

Learn from anywhere in the world with the Leading Educator and Authority in Equine Therapy

Come join Equine CranioSacral TV,  and founder Maureen Rogers, where you can learn about horse health and improving your horse’s over all wellbeing! If you want to learn, specifically how to restore the musculoskeletal and biomechanical  compensation patterns you horse or your horse clients experience, which lead to riding, training and behavioural issues and many equine conditions like TMJ. cribbing, Kissing Spine, headshaking, etc tAll of which can be treated  successfully then click get started!!

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Welcome to Equine CranioSacral TV™ an educational platform for both equine professionals and equine enthusiasts!

Meet Maureen Rogers,  Founder, Pioneer, Leading Educator and expert in the field of Equine CranioSacral Therapy.

Empowering equestrians globally of all kinds, disciplines, and professions with the best equine education for over 25 years, so your horse and you can live your best life!

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Maureen's DVD

Maureen's DVD
"Conformation Vs. Posture: Myths Unveiled” the first of its kind in the equine industry presenting the possibility of what has been labeled as “equine conformational faults” are just compensation patterns that influence a horse’s posture  is NOW Available Streaming!


Online Streaming Access: "Conformation Vs. Posture Myths Unveiled" | Only $59.95


In this educational video, we look at the way the equine industry perceives conformation issues of the horse! It offers insight into how history has significantly influenced our present-day perception of equine conformation. This cutting-edge 70-minute DVD examines how the equine industry looks at conformation of the horse, ways of assessing the horse and hands-on techniques to improve your horse's posture and increase overall biomechanics and performance!

Mail the DVD: "Conformation Vs. Posture Myths Unveiled" | Only $59.95 + Shipping


This is the same educational video as above - but in DVD form! We will receive your order and ship the DVD in the mail to you. Get ready to learn hands-on techniques to improve your horse's posture and increase overall biomechanics and performance!

ENJOY! Both Online Streaming Access + Ordering the DVD: Mail the DVD: "Conformation Vs. Posture Myths Unveiled" | Only $110.00 + Shipping


Get online streaming and educational video and the DVD mailed to you!

COME JOIN OUR Zoom Online 5 Week Equine Assessment Class and receive a complimentary copy of our DVD “Conformation vs Posture Myths Unveiled”


IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING UNRESOLVED, ONGOING PROBLEMS WITH YOUR HORSE i.e. TRAINING ISSUES, ISSUES IN RIDING, BEHAVIORAL ISSUES. THEN THIS SERIES IS FOR YOU!!! This online class is designed to introduce horse enthusiasts, owners, riders, trainers, veterinarians and bodyworkers to how to identify compensation patterns that are limiting one’s horse in its performance! This class brings a NEW PERSPECTIVE on equine conformation and enlightenment to musculoskeletal issues and how to successfully treat them! Work one on one with Maureen, with your horse during the Zoom online class, to start making a difference in your horse’s musculoskeletal health, biomechanics and over all wellbeing!

Watch our DVD “Conformation Vs Posture Myths Unveiled" Trailer!

Just know YOU have the ability to restore YOUR horse”s musculoskeletal and biomechanical health and over all well-being!

Come join our Equine CranioSacral  TV Community today and take advantage of the endless benefits for your horse’s health!

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What our viewers are saying...

Jessica L. | Veterinarian Florida, USA
Amy B. |  Texas, USA
Britt B.| Equine Dentist The Netherlands
Sharon Hunt | Olympic Event Rider UK
Jessica L. | Veterinarian Florida, USA

"My name is Jessica Landa, I'm a veterinarian in Florida and I just took Maureen's TMJ Webinar and it was amazing!

Amy B. | Texas, USA

"Maureen Rogers and the online equine assessment class was truly and extraordinary experience. It has empowered me to become a better horse owner and advocate for not only my horses but any horse that I care for. An online class with hands on concepts can be difficult but with Maureen's passion and deep-rooted knowledge of horse anatomy and biomechanics it worked smoothly, as if she were teaching me at home. I highly recommend this class for anyone wanting to do better for their horses."

Britt B.| Equine Dentist The Netherlands

I followed the TMJ webinars and it was very eye opening! Maureen's, knowledge about the TMJ is much needed in Equine Dentistry. She talked about how the joint is functioning, what issue can develop, dentistry wearing patterns and where they come from and how to prevent them, how TMJ influences the body and so much more. It is a much watch to understand your horses health and biomechanics!

Sharon Hunt | Olympic Event Rider UK

“I use what Maureen taught me, from her DVD “Conformation vs Posture Myths Unveiled” when she was at my yard treating my horses!

Meet Maureen, the Founder of Equine CranioSacral TV™
Meet Maureen, the Founder of Equine CranioSacral TV™

Meet Maureen, the Founder of Equine CranioSacral TV™

Maureen Rogers is a pioneer and leading expert in the field of Equine CranioSacral therapy. She is the founder of Equine CranioSacral Workshops - the top international education program offering the most extensive course of study in Equine CranioSacral. Known as the "Oprah of the equine world," her pioneering efforts of bringing her human studies in CranioSacral to the equine industry, have opened doors and changed lives for horses worldwide - especially horses that suffer with head shaking syndrome, TMJ, behavioural  and biomechanical issues.

Maureen has  traveled internationally to teach, lecture and provide private consultations for over 20 years. She works with horses from all various disciplines.  Her equine clients include: Olympic, Grand Prix to novice athletes in dressage, show jumping and eventing and from other equestrian sports:  hunter/jumpers, racehorses, trotting, polo, endurance, barrel racing, and pleasure horses. She works with veterinarians -both allopathic and alternative, equine dentists, trainers, physiotherapists, farriers, professional riders and horse owners worldwide who seek out Ms. Rogers for her expertise.

Having served under royalty and fame, Maureen approaches each horse with care and connection. She is the author of several articles in National and International publications and producer of two DVDs: "Hope for Headshaking - A CranioSacral Approach to Equine Health" and "Conformation vs Posture Myths Unveiled”. She has been a featured  education lecturer at Equitana Australia, Equitana Germany and Equitana New Zealand 

Dedicated to bringing balance and health to horses around the world!

Equine CranioSacral TV™ is dedicated to revolutionizing equine health and exists to support the wellness and wholeness of horses around the world through education. Collaborating with equine professionals, throughout the industry to bring viewers the best for their horse and clients horses! Watch for our educational webinars, live events, special masterclasses and more!

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